Our approach to food isn’t rocket science. Nutrition is a key aspect of health and well-being to both the young and the old. It provides strength, improved concentration, and the ability to maintain independence. Food is also a source of joy to many. Mealtimes mean different things to different people. If you loved cooking, you might not want to always have food prepared for you. If you’ve had a lifelong aversion to beetroot you certainly don’t want to have to consider it now! At Kindred Care we will always adapt our nutritional approach to meet the needs of our residents.

Our chefs create delicious and varied daily menus using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Afternoon teas, celebratory dinners, homemade birthday cakes, monthly pizza nights, and the occasional fish and chip supper, all add to the pleasure of eating well together.

We encourage our residents to get involved in planning meals, baking and helping with laying the tables if they wish, and we welcome family members to join us for meals. For us, food really is at the heart of the home.

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