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Care has often been driven by a top down approach where managers coordinate shifts into routines to make things ‘fit’. What’s been ignored are carers and their voices. Carers know their residents as if they were family and know best when it comes to supporting them day to day. They’re the ones who should determine how to care for our residents.

Our approach is to provide a platform for our staff to flourish and develop. We want to help them grow in their careers and support them when they go through tough times. We promote staff centred care where we believe in nurturing talent rather than managing it. We found this is the best recipe for providing exceptional care.

I joined Kindred Care in 2013 initially as a care assistant. I now manage the group’s largest nursing home. It’s not often in care that people get given a chance to shine or progress their career. But that’s exactly what I’ve experienced. I was nurtured and invested in by Kindred Care and my trajectory has been an inspiration to those around me who also want to progress in their roles.

Biju – Manager

I only joined Kindred Care in early 2022 but I come to work every day feeling like I work with my family. I feel very lucky. A few months ago, we were given cost of living bonuses to help with the energy and fuel crisis. I’ve never had that kind of support before. The team is fantastic and I can see them going above and beyond every day. It makes me really proud.

Ginou – Kitchen Assistant

I started working for this wonderful group in 2017. The relationship between a manager and the owners is so important and I’ve never worked for better people in my life. They are incredibly supportive and are a great employer. We have fantastic loyalty throughout the group and the fact that we have very little staff turnover reflects this. I was promoted to the manager position of Sunhill Court in 2021.

Aleksandra – Manager

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